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Paper Crane Pendant

+ The Paper Crane Pendant is made from wood. It's been covered in pink-gold acrylic paint. Using pink, red, white, and black an origami bird was carefully painted on the surface. The Chinese character for bird was then painted diagonally to the bird with gold wisps surrounding it. Protected with three clear coats. This pendant measures one inch across and an eighth of an inch thick (1 inch by 1/8 inch). It is secured by wire wrapped through the hole several times and a split ring. It took approx. two hours to paint two of these.

Black and Blue Bracelet

+ This beautiful bracelet is made from mini split rings, straight toggle pieces, blue and black glass beads, and various embellishments. It measures approximately 7.5 inches and has a lobster clasp.

Descending Green Stitch Markers

4 stitch markers made with black and green glass beads. Sold in a set only. Approx 1.75 inches long. Silver hardware. 6mm rings.

Knock on Wood Stitch Markers

5 stitch markers made with glass and wood beads. Sold in a set only. Approx 2 inches long. Silver hardware. 10 mm rings.

Straight Toggled Bracelet

+ This beautiful metal bracelet was made from left over straight toggles that were lying around my bead box. It measures approximately 8.75 inches and has a toggle clasp.
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