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Japan Girl

Charcoal on paper, 18 x 23 inches. Copyright 2000 L. Grimm

Amethyst and Hematite Set

This is a amethyst and hematite earring and necklace set with Swarvoski crystal embellishment. The earrings are two inches long (2 inches) and are made with sterling silver. They have an amethyst focal bead and 3 smaller hematite beads. The necklace is made from memory wire with a three inch sterling silver extender and a lobster clasp. I can fit a small to medium and I can add to the extender so that it can fit a large neck.

Champagne and Cream Brooch

This brooch measures 3 inches long by one inch wide. The beads that compose this are white and gold glass seed beads, pearls, crystal AB faceted rounds. All attached to a safety pin by 7mm sterling silver jump rings.

Rainbow Cell-Zipper Charm

Since my cellphone is a shared one (with "Booty Hands" aka my husband) I can't hang a cellphone charm of it because my designs are not "manly". Sorry BH, but I'm a girl... Duh! Since I can't use them, why not sell them to someone who will put them to good use! This is a great charm is made with a rainbow of acrylic beads. This is a great charm for identifying your cellphone, ipod/mp3 player, purse, jacket, keys, camera or whatever that stuff might be. With this charm attached it is easy to know which is yours! The charm is three inches in length (2 inches) and five inches (5 inches) including the lariat.

Brown Disc Stitch Markers

6 stitch markers made with faceted brown marblized discs, black no-seam acrylic beads, olive acrylic bicones, and gold glass seed beads. Sold in a set only. Approx 1.5 inches long. Silver hardware. 8mm rings.
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